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What will a CCTV drain survey usually find?

CCTV drain surveys aren’t always necessary, but often, to get an understanding of what’s blocking your drain our team will utilising CCTV to conduct a survey of the affected area. Drains will only block for two reasons – either something has been put into the drain or the toilet, or there’s a structural problem with the drain run or gully. By utilising this technology we can carry out a camera drain inspection to get to the heart of the problem. Have a read of our Blog Here to get an insight on CCTV surveys.

All of our vans are equipped with best CCTV drain survey technology. So, our drain engineers are able to inspect the condition of the affected drain. The process of carrying out a CCTV drain survey includes using waterproof push-rod cameras that can get deep down inside the drain network. The camera will be passed through the drain run and display clear images of the internal section of the drains on a monitor for you to view. Based on their findings, our drainage professionals will compile a thorough and detailed report that includes recommendations on next steps to get your drainage issue fixed. If it’s possible and preferable to fix the problem affecting your drain there and then, we will do so. If not, our flexible engineers will schedule any drain repair works for a date and time that’s convenient for you.

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Types of Drain Survey:

Most drainage systems are made using sections which overlap to connect. This creates a ridge and a slight gap where plants and tree roots can often force their way in, leaving root-infested drains along cracks and breaks in the pipe. Whether you have leaking drains, slow draining facilities or a full flood to contend with, we will quickly identify the cause of the problem and work to resolve any issues.

We offer:
  • Build over agreement surveys – Pre-construction CCTV surveys are essential prior to commencing any construction project. Whether you’re considering an extension or embarking on a new build, it’s crucial to conduct a pre-construction CCTV drainage survey, as required by the water authority, especially if the proposed work will involve areas above or in close proximity to their pipelines.
  • Homebuyer pre-purchase surveys – Before purchasing a property, it is prudent to arrange a pre-acquisition CCTV survey of the drainage system. Frequently overlooked, a drain survey of the property can reveal any underlying issues that may not be visible above ground. Likewise, sellers often opt for drain surveys to facilitate a seamless sale process.
  •  Drain condition Survey –  Detect minor issues before they escalate into larger problems by utilizing a CCTV drain survey. Foul odors, blocked sinks, or flooded appliances serve as clear indicators of potential drainage system issues. Conducting a drain survey is the most efficient method to promptly identify any underlying issues.
  • Drainage Mapping Surveys – Drainage mapping involves the systematic mapping of drains and sewage lines to determine their routes and assist in planning future drainage projects. Our advanced CCTV equipment plays a crucial role in supporting architects, developers, surveyors, and local authorities in this process.
  • Animal infestation Surveys – Animals, particularly rats, pose a significant challenge in residential and commercial properties. Seeking food and shelter, they commonly infiltrate buildings, often gaining access through drainage pipes. The initial step towards resolving this issue involves assessing the situation using CCTV equipment to comprehend the extent and origin of the problem.


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