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The Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys for Home Buyers & Sellers

Purchasing or selling a property in the UK comes with a range of complexities. While a property’s aesthetics and location often take center stage, it’s the hidden intricacies, like the state of its drainage system, that can be game-changers. A CCTV drain survey UK can provide valuable insight into the state of the property’s drainage system. Whether you’re selling or buying, a CCTV survey could help in negotiating a more favorable price.

Drain Survey Insights

Through CCTV drain survey professionals in the UK can delve deep, unearthing potential drainage system issues. These surveys are instrumental in identifying blockages, wear and tear, and structural problems that could affect the property in the years to come. Drains will only block for two reasons – either something has been put into the drain or the toilet, or there’s a structural problem with the drain run or gully. By utilizing the technology at our disposal, we can carry out a camera drain inspection to get to the heart of the problem.

Why Professionals Value Drainage System Surveys

Specific professionals stand to gain considerably from these insights:

  • Estate Agents: Giving a holistic property view increases trust with buyers and can justify setting a higher property valuation.
  • Property Developers: Knowledge of infrastructural challenges ensures better planning, reducing the likelihood of any surprises later down the line.
  • Facility Managers: Regular drain inspections ward off unexpected setbacks and are an essential part of building management.

The Comprehensive Process of a CCTV Drain Inspection

All of our vans are equipped with the best CCTV drain survey technology in the UK. Although using this technology won’t always be necessary, often a drain survey is the best course of action to get a better understanding of the state of the affected area.

A drain survey consists of the following:

  • Deploying Waterproof Cameras: Specialized cameras traverse the drainage, capturing intricate details.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Drain inspection visuals are relayed live to an external monitor.
  • Detailed Drain Survey Reports: Post-inspection, experts provide a report, highlighting potential issues and suggestions.
  • Prompt Drainage Solutions: Swift actions based on the survey results ensure property longevity and reduced repair costs.

If a problem is present and it’s possible and preferable to fix the problem affecting your drain there and then, we will do so. If not, our flexible engineers will schedule any drain repair works for a date and time that’s convenient for you.

CCTV Drain Surveys: A Game Changer in Property Negotiations

Armed with the information from a CCTV drain survey, stakeholders can navigate property transactions with increased confidence and clarity. In the realm of property, where significant finances and futures are at stake, the assurance of a well-conducted drain survey is absolutely essential. Speak with our Drain experts today to book your drain survey.



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